Changing Room

From cramped cubicles to rented bedrooms, hallways that become highways in the sleepless hours, to the space and beauty of a shrine; Woodford’s award-winning poems revisit old rooms and find new ones following the birth of a child and the passing of time in the family home and beyond.

“The clarity of her line is melded to an impressive technical control and freshness of seeing” Poetry Ireland Review

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Winner of the Crashaw Prize

From diamonds hidden in a grandmother’s pantry to a nun teaching a sex education lesson, Birdhouse is full of life – and it’s flip-side.

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Party Piece

Winner of the International Poetry Business Competition

What appeals to me most about these poems is their clarity. In a few, often startlingly simple lines, Anna Woodford captures an experience in precise focus.

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Poetry Book Society pamphlet choice

Trailer is a series of meditative poems about the poet’s family history and the way the past travels with us.

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The Higgins’ Honeymoon

Winner of an Eric Gregory Award from the Society of Authors

These poems should entice.

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