The Higgins’ Honeymoon

Winner of Eric Gregory Award

The poems should entice

Lavinia Greenlaw, Mslexia magazine
Book cover for The Higgins’ Honeymoon by Anna Woodford

Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: Driftwood Publications
Publication date: 1 June 2001
ISBN: 9780953921751

Gran’s Death

Only the blessed die in church.
You stumbled over your reading,
lost your place,

slipped through the choir-ladies’ fingers,
into God’s hands.

I imagine you on the other side,
repositioning your reading glasses,
talking over His answer.

Your husband is crying
into the wilderness of my ear
but my sympathies (as they say
on the cards) are with you

and the Lord is with you
(as they say in the service) once
Dot and Rita can find words.

All boxed off. You called,
He answered.
And in front of the neighbours,
with his heart on his sleeve.

I love the way you didn’t pause,
dropped everything,
and off.